This page is for grouping all the arduino tutorials, which is in post, so you can easily find according to your need.


Tutorial title Description
Introduction to arduino Explained for the beginner on the use of Arduino for microcontroller hardware programming.
8 LED simple flasher Creating a simple 8 LED flasher with three kinds of instructions.
8 LED simple flasher using looping Creating a simple 8 LED flasher using looping.
8 LED simple flasher using lookup table Creating a simple 8 LED flasher using lookup table. Lookup table using array variable of led pattern and delay.
How to turn on/off 8 LED using visual basic 6 How to turn on/off in serial RS232 using widget using Visual Basic 6. Each led can be turned on/off by clicking button. Also can turn on, turn off, blinking all led.

Using Timer2 interrupt event

How to use timer2 interrupt event using overflow timer on Nano Board. This timer interrupt can be used as background processing.

About arduino IDE

Tutorial title Description
Arduino using Visual Studio capable as debugger Arduino IDE alternative to develop  programs capable debugging  by using the serial interface.

Making arduino board from scratch

Tutorial title Description
Build the Arduino board using ATMega8/168/328 chip How do I create an Arduino board, using a blank chip of ATMega8, 168 or 328.
Arduino 1.0.1: serially upload using handmade board of ATmega328 How to upload Arduino program using serial on a homemade Arduino board. Need to modify the configuration file of boards.txt, if using homemade arduino board.

Arduino application projects

Tutorial title Description
Digital scale Making digital scale using arduino and PC as display.

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