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OpenPilot Countdown

There is a huge countdown at OpenPilot. Exciting!
Today I noticed that there is a huge countdown covering the start page at
I also noticed that the Revo board -thread is closed for upcoming news. One can’t be certain, but t… Continue reading

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HK-TR6A-V2 PPM problem

Bummer! There's no PPM output from my new HK-TR6A-V2 receiver! The only good thing is that it's smaller and lighter than my old receiver, so I will use anyway for my small Y6 multicopter.
I have previously written about some different ways to u… Continue reading

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My different multicopter flight controllers compared

Multicopter flight controller comparison. From the left: Arducopter, Open Pilot and KKmulticopter.
I have tried some different flight controllers for my different multicopter projects. I have only used open source flight controllers, and none of the c… Continue reading

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Large Y6 multicopter for aerial photography

My large Y6 multicopter after the maiden voyage, without the camera mount.
My large heavy lift Y6 multicopter, that I have built for aerial photography and videography, is now finished.
First time I flew it I used my KKmulticopter board which I have no… Continue reading

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Open Pilot Copter Control ordered

Openpilot flight control board
Today I have pre-ordered an Open Pilot Copter Control flight control board from FlyingWings. I am very excited about this control board. As far as I have seen it performs perfectly well. Hopefully it will be sent in about… Continue reading

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Open Pilot and Copter Control multicopter platform

Open Pilot is a new flight control platform for multicopters. As I understand it has a faster and generally better performing hardware than e.g arduino based platforms such as Arducopter… Continue reading

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