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Multicopter Navigation Lights

Navigation lights for my multicopter. The multicopter is upside down in the photo but it's red on the left, green light on the right and white light in the back.
I have now made some navigation lights for my large Y6 multicopter. There is a standa… Continue reading

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Large Y6 multicopter for aerial photography

My large Y6 multicopter after the maiden voyage, without the camera mount.
My large heavy lift Y6 multicopter, that I have built for aerial photography and videography, is now finished.
First time I flew it I used my KKmulticopter board which I have no… Continue reading

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My micro Y6 multicopter

The Y6 hexacopter with short arms. I will build a solution so I easily can change between long and shot arms.
My small Y6 hexacopter compared to the large Y6 carbon frame.
I’m not done building my large carbon Y6 multicopter. Until then I will fl… Continue reading

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Review: XL Y6 carbon frame

This is a quick review and my first impressions of the XL Y6 carbon frame from RC-carbon. I will write a more detailed review when I have my Y6 up… Continue reading

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Y6 carbon hexacopter frame

Yesterday I ordered the multicopter frame for my larger multicopter that I will use for aerial photography and videography. After analyzing my needs I decided to buy a foldable Y6… Continue reading

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