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Gopro Karma recalled

Gopro Karma is recalled after only a few days on the market.
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OpenPilot Countdown

There is a huge countdown at OpenPilot. Exciting!
Today I noticed that there is a huge countdown covering the start page at
I also noticed that the Revo board -thread is closed for upcoming news. One can’t be certain, but t… Continue reading

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Multicopter Navigation Lights

Navigation lights for my multicopter. The multicopter is upside down in the photo but it's red on the left, green light on the right and white light in the back.
I have now made some navigation lights for my large Y6 multicopter. There is a standa… Continue reading

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Frsky DIY with PPM and telemetry

Frsky D8RSP with PPM and telemetry. I also ordered a DIY tx module that I will install in my Turnigy 9X transmitter.
I have previously written about my try to get the PPM sum from Hobby King HK-TR6A-V2 receiver but it turned out that Hobby King had mad… Continue reading

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OSRC Open Source Remote Control

The OSRC main unit
This new open source radio transmitter system from OSRC looks very interesting. It a full product range based on a main unit that can be extended with many add-on products.
Maybe you have seen the OSRC concept at indigogo before.
Now… Continue reading

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Robot Quadcopters Perform James Bond Theme

Some very talented quadcopters perfomed the James Bond theme music at a TED2012 conference.
I use my multicopters for aerial photography. Some use it to conduct an orchestra. This video shows a good piece of music performed by a robotic quadcopter band.

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CamOne Infinity

I like the specs for the new CamOne Infinity action camera.
The CamOne Infinity looks like a really good action camera for aerial photography. It’s definitely a challenger to the Gopro which is a common camera for multicopter aerial photographer…. Continue reading

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HK-TR6A-V2 PPM problem

Bummer! There's no PPM output from my new HK-TR6A-V2 receiver! The only good thing is that it's smaller and lighter than my old receiver, so I will use anyway for my small Y6 multicopter.
I have previously written about some different ways to u… Continue reading

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Turnigy 9x PPM

PPM sum from Turnigy 9x
To fully take advantage of my flight controllers I need to use a PPM signal. My Turnigy 9x doesn’t have a native support for PPM signals, so I need to make some sort of work around.
After some research on the internet it t… Continue reading

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My different multicopter flight controllers compared

Multicopter flight controller comparison. From the left: Arducopter, Open Pilot and KKmulticopter.
I have tried some different flight controllers for my different multicopter projects. I have only used open source flight controllers, and none of the c… Continue reading

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Gopro Hero 2

The new improved Gopro Hero 2
Gopro has release an updated version of their camera called Gopro Hero 2.
Since I already have an old version of the gopro HD I’m not sure if it’s worth to upgrade. It’s a bit pricey too.
Anyhow, it has a… Continue reading

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Panoramic Ball Camera

This throwable panoramic ball camera looks really amazing! The idea is simple, and the photos are really inspiring, even though the image quality could be improved. It would be fun… Continue reading

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Canon 550d aka Rebel T2i for aerial photography

I bought a new DSLR for my aerial photography projects a while ago. I knew I should buy a Canon because I already have a lot of lenses and other… Continue reading

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