This page contains about aeromodelling activities carried out in my daily life. In addition to enjoying playing the saxophone, I also enjoyed designing and making RC model airplane. Especially in the field of control system technology, to create a model aircraft to be stable.

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  1. nf says:

    pak sis , saran saya , coba gabung dgn : , web penggila aeromodeling indonesia . bapak dapat bertukar pikiran dan ide dgn temen temen di web ini

  2. sali says:

    pa saya mau beli dinamonya , remotcontrolnya dan batrainya saya tinggal di jkt

    bera pa kira kira harganya saya mau modif dg balon zeplin saya untuk out door
    bapa sms saya ke 08158740931 karena saya jarang onlaine

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