Software Serial

For users with arduino microcontroller has one serial port, such as nano arduino, uno etc., can use the digital port as an additional serial channel. I tried it into the arduino nano board, and will add an additional serial port to D10  as RX and D11 as TX. D10 (RX), D11) is a serial software controlled, unlike the RX (D0) and TX (D1) working in hardware. Required libraries that support additional serial operation, simply add the syntax:


at the beginning of the arduino program. To test the digital pin is used as an RS232 serial communication channels, required-digital USB-Serial dongle. 

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  1. Wah, informasi yang bagus, sepertinya harus belajar banyak lagi nih seputar elektro, biar tahu yg beginian. :D
    Nice post..

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