Arduino using Visual Studio capable as debugger

In March, 2012, released a plugin for the Arduino using visual studio. For those who are tired of using the original Arduino IDE, can use visual studio as a new IDE. Thus visual studio will be used as an Arduino-based microcontroller development.

This plugin can be used in Visual studio 2008 or 2010 version. I tried it using Visual Studio 2010.


I like visual studio, because the windows look very comfortable and can be configured. Moreover, it can add a facility other programming languages which have been there before in visual studio. I’m most looking forward to is the ability to debug the program to be developed. Debug capability is still in beta, is still tested by the tester, I am one of them.

Here I will explain how to install the plugin for the Arduino, in visual studio 2012.

The installation steps are:

  1.  Install Arduino IDE ver. 1.0.1
    Arduino program still used by the plugin. Use the release version of the Arduino. 
  2. Install visual studio 2008 or 2010.
    You can choose one of them, I chose which 2010 version.
  3. Download plugin arduino fro visual studio here.
    You should always follow the latest version, because the plugin was developed from time to time. Install the program and will be in the folder: C:\Program Files\Visual Micro\Visual Micro for Arduino.
  4. Run visual studio.

Visual studio configuration

After your Arduino 1.0.1, visual studio 2010 and Arduino plugin, run visual studio you will see there is an additional menu.

On the File menu there is a sub menu “Arduino project” serves to create a new project based on the Arduino. 

While on the Project menu there are sub menu “Add New Arduino item” which serves to add a file in the Arduino program are c, c++, arduino. The second sub menu is “Add arduino library” used to include library from core or user.

Additional sub-menu is the menu as found in the Tool menu in the Arduino. For those familiar with the Arduino, already knowing the functions of this menu.

Next, you must configure it to show where the location of the Arduino program is placed, by pressing the menu Tools-> Options.


In addition to my experience visual studio requires additional database program that is “Microsoft SQL Server compact 3.5″, the program can be downloaded here

Good Luck.


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