My design of tricopter frame

This is an article about frame design for tricopter. My creativity is in the form of a new design tricopter frame, made of aluminum, box and pipe.  I combine the two ways to remove the assembly from the frame tricopter, by folding and by taking off parts.

This is my first experience playing with tricopter, had never flown. I ventured to make from scratch by reading theory, video, and the experience of others.

This frame design has the distance between the motor and the center of the frame about 55cm. So it is a large category of tricopter frame.

If frame in condition of disassembled, tail arm can be folded into front and two arms of front motor can be pulled as two separated arm parts. Also three landing gear can be opened by loosen of three screw.

First Setup

This is my first experience making tricopter. This tricopter design is a combinations of aluminum, wood, steel wire and kid baseball as landing gear.

My setup as follow:

  1. Length of motor axel to center is modified about 50cm.
  2. Batery Lipo 2200mAH.
  3. Controller KKBoard ver. 3.0 (Atmega 328).
  4. ESC 3x Tower Pro Magnum 18A, reflashing.
  5. Motor 3x DT750, 750Kv.
  6. 3x propeller 11×4.7.

Tricopter is too heavy

My design is to heavy about 1450 gram.  The total thrust is approximately 3x1200gram = 3600 grams. Will raise approximately (1450/3600) * 100 = 40.3% of maximum thrust. Current will flow when lift is approximately (18Ampx3) * 40.3% = 21Amp. It is assumed that the maximum thrust of each motor will absorb the current 18A.

I hope the approximate calculation is correct, this tricopter will be able to fly even though only a few minutes.

If the tricopter weight of 1450gr can hover, I will reduce the weight of the frame to a minimum, but still sturdy.

Current’s Hover of my heavy tricopter frame

I measure the total flow, while tricopter hover at about 14Amp. The difficulty is producing lift the motor to be balanced. I suspect when reflash ESC towerpro mag8, tp_nfet.hex firmware versions are different versions. Or has one propeller CCW (front left) has different characteristics and have the most powerful thrust.

This Tricopter hover on the condition of 50% of the throtle. At full throtle, has a strong lift. I try with the help of hand-held with tricopter is above the head. I can loosen the grip and let go of the hand quickly, tricopter can fly, but still not balanced.

These experiments use a gain of 1/2 to 3 potentiometer.

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  1. eeks says:

    Love it. I’ve used carbon rod and graphite golf club for sub 100g/ what’s your weight captain?

  2. singkong says:

    cool design tricopter

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