handmade ornament art of cross stitch: Al-Aqsa mosque,menara kudus, Indonesia

For Sale

Condition: New, For price email me: bsiswoyo@ub.ac.id with subject: “ART”

For any questions: please send comment to this post / quantity: 1

Item ready: Malang, East Java, Indonesia

This artwork is handmade by my wife. Image is al-Aqsa mosque in Indonesia country, located in the city of  Kudus, province of East Java. 


  1. Picture size: Width 65cm, Height: 50cm
  2. Frame size: Width 70.5Cm, 55.5Cm
  3. Using acrylic yarn.
  4. Frame made from fiber.

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I am a college lecturer since 1988 at UB (University of Brawijaya) in the electronics department. My experience: Applications of Microprocessor system, Applications of Control System, Applications of Field Programmable Gate Array, Computer Programming in computer instrumentations. My hobby: Music especially playing the saxophone, hiking and exploring the countryside.
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