The simple fly cutter

I will share experiences on how to make a simple fly cutter.  If you have a lathe, but you want your lathe as milling. With a lathe you can perform the process, although with a limited size of the workpiece.

Tools required are:

  1.  welding machine
  2.  drilling machine
  3.   saw
  4.   grinding

Materials required are:

  1. iron pipe, diameter about 1 inch, long about 20 cm
  2. iron plate about 1 cm of thickness
First make a dish have diameter about 10 cm from iron plate. Make a rectangular slot in the side dish, as the retaining slot for cutting bits. Next join the dish with an iron pipe using an electric welding.
Make a retaining slot of cutting bits by using plate, combine with electric welding. Finally, combine with the disc in the slot, use an electric welding. To strengthen the slot cutting bit, add the bolts as fasteners for the cutting bit.
Cutting and sharpening of the cutting bits, must be adapted to the direction of the lathe spindle rotation direction. Place the cutting bit in the slot and tighten the bolt. Remember laying the cutting bit according to the direction of spindle rotation.
Workpiece to be doing, clipped in the cutting bit holder of lathe. Please use slow rpm of spindle about 200rpm. In my experiment,
This cutting tool can cut the workpiece with a depth of 1mm. I use 1/2inch size of HSS cutting bit.


Fly cutter inaction on Clockwise spindle rotation
YouTube Preview Image


Fly cutter inaction on Counter Clockwise spindle rotation in depth of 1mm

YouTube Preview Image


Fly cutter inaction on other workpiece

YouTube Preview Image

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