Programming tools for XILINX FPGA — Platform MultiLINX

Fpga programmer tool MultiLINX Platform provides several modes of programming are: JTAG, Serial and Select MAP. While the interfaces with a computer provided by 2 modes: Serial RS232 and USB. This is a professional programmer and cost more expensive than the Platform Cable USB. However, providing a variety of programming modes and will give you flexibility to program the fpga.

It should be noted, the tool described here is only additional equipment to experiment with the xilinx fpga. This tool is only used as a programmer fpga for xilinx, in order to move the result of the binaries program based your design using fpga development software. Xilinx using ISE , and Altera using Quatrus II as fpga development software. Both hardware (programming tool, the explanation here) and fpga development software should have the right driver (typically been included). Then you are welcome to choose the appropriate board fpga evaluation of your financial ability.

Platform MultiLINX

Using this programming tool, you can freely choose the interface with computers and programming mode with the fpga. But the necessary external power supply is usually obtained from the evaluation board with a voltage of 2.5-5 Volts fpga. Use this to prosesional purposes or financial condition that you have enough to buy it. Provided 4 groups are floating cable, used to serve all existing fpga programming mode. With this floating cable you will easily connect to pin fpga programming. There is a list of labels for the signals in accordance with fpga programming mode. Label numbers correspond to the cable socket.

Have 3 groups of programming mode cables for JTAG, Slave Serial and Select MAP. As you look at sinyal names at box near cables connectors have two header connector are located up and down. At up connector have two groups cables, left for JTG, right for Slave Serial. The bottom connector is used programming for Select MAP mode.  By using this programmer, you do not need to buy an evaluation board equipped fpga programmer internally. Usually the programmer is equipped in the evaluation board with USB interface.



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