FPGA evaluation board: Altera – Cyclone EP1C6Q240C8

Other vendors who produce FPGA chip, other than XILINX is Altera. Many types are produced Altera and Xilinx, here I will explain the Altera FPGA called the T-Rex C1 Development Kit. FPGA evaluation board has been equipped with several additional components such as buttons, 7segmen displays, VGA port, Serial Port, USB Port, Audio, and even CF Flash Memory.

Additional components are provided for easy to experiment fpga using this board.


The TERASIC TREX C1 Development Kit includes the following:

  • TREXC1 development board
  • Altera EP1C6Q240C8
  • Altera EP1S Serial Configuration Device
  • Built-in USB Blaster programming circuitry.
  • Support both JTAG and AS mode programming
  • Option to power via universal serial bus (USB)
  • Eight LEDs
  • Eight Schmitt-trigger de-bounced push buttons
  • 1MByte Flash Memory
  • 8MByte SDRAM (1M x 4 x 16)
  • CF Card Socket (True IDE mode)
  • 16-bit CD-quality Audio DAC with line-out connector
  • TV Encoder with TV Out jack
  • RS-232 Transceiver with 9-pin connector
  • VGA DAC (4-bit resistor network) with VGA-out connector
  • PS2 Keyboard/mouse connector
  • 4-bit DIP switches
  • 4-bit 7-SEG display module
  • Two-40 pin expansion slots.
  • Size?151.5*151.3 mm

Cables and accessories :

  • USB A->B cable (for both USB-blaster programming and the TREX C1 API controll)
  • 7.5V DC Power Supply (We ship UK Plug for Europe/UK areas)
  • Quartus ® II Web Edition design software







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