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Monthly Archives: August 2011

New multicopter motor – MT 3506 650kv from Tiger Motors (T-motor)

MT 3506 650kv brushless motor
Today I found a very interesting multicopter motor, the T-motor 3506 650 kv from Tiger Motors. This multicopter motor is from their MT series, which is specially developed for multirotors. The other two multicopter motors … Continue reading

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Open Pilot Copter Control ordered

Openpilot flight control board
Today I have pre-ordered an Open Pilot Copter Control flight control board from FlyingWings. I am very excited about this control board. As far as I have seen it performs perfectly well. Hopefully it will be sent in about… Continue reading

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DJI Wookong M – multicopter platform

DJI Innovations Wookong M, a new multicopter flight controller.
DJI Innovations has an interesting platform for multicopters called DJI Wookong M. In these videos it’s performing very well. As I understand it’s not too expensive either, may… Continue reading

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eCalc – Multicopter Calculator

eCalc calcutates all the data for your multicopter.
eCalc is a very useful tool when calculating on weight, motors, batteries, ESC, propellers and more for your multicopter. It provides a huge database with different parts and hardware for your multico… Continue reading

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